For who ?

  • For the ambitious athlete who wants to get involved at the national level.
  • For the promising youngster who wants to develop further into an elite athlete.
  • For the athlete who participates in championships and regularity circuits (top competition, cross cup, T3 series, ...)

How we work ?

  • We start with an intake interview in which we coordinate the objectives, possibilities and expectations.
  • We draw up a detailed annual plan towards your goal(s).
  • This annual plan is regularly updated based on testing, feedback, etc.
  • You will receive your training schedule per week, tailored to your time frame (family, school, work, club training, ...).
  • The training intensities are based on testing (not included)E
  • Each training is clearly written out.
  • Trainings are followed several times a week via Trainingpeaks.
  • Contact with the trainer is possible every day.

What we expect ?

  • Ambitious and competitive attitude
  • Minimum 5 training sessions (unisport) or 8 training sessions (multisport) per week
  • Strength and stabilization is part of the training program
  • You train with a heart rate monitor and power meter (cycling).
  • You log training sessions via Trainingpeaks.


Included in package

  • Detailed annual plan
  • Account Training Peaks (basic)
  • Update annual plans in function of testing, feedback
  • Detailed training schedules.
  • Strength and stabilization workouts.


Not included in package

  • Supervision of training courses: €60/hour (+ transport costs if >20km)
  • Testing: in consultation


  • 160€ (including VAT)