In order to coach T3ack athletes in the best possible way, we offer them science-based testing.

INSCYD is an athletic performance software used to analyse and plan endurance performance in athletes. It is a holistic tool, creating a “analysis of the physiology of an athlete,” and allowing them to create highly specific and individualised training programs.

With the INSCYD Power Performance Decoder (PPD) test, you can measure all relevant physiological components, using only a power meter (in cycling) or GPS watch (in running). This test can be executed at home without a t3ack coach. T3ack will analyse the results and give you the proper feedback.

Additionally T3ack coaches can do lactate testing to give you a good overview of your capacities and training zones.


T3ack-athletes: 65€ (PPD-test)

external athletes: 125€ (PPD-test)

Lactate testing: 200€