For who ?

  • For the recreational athlete who combines family, work and/or sports.
  • For the athlete who is preparing for an endurance sporting event: 10 miles, marathon, triathlon, ...
  • For the athlete who regularly participates in recreational competitions, events, ...

HOW we work ?

  • We start with an intake interview in which we coordinate the objectives, possibilities and expectations.
  • We draw up a global plan towards your goal(s).
  • You will receive your training schedule per training cycle (2 to 3 weeks).
  • The training schedule is tailored to your time frame (family, work, club training, etc.).
  • The training schedule is tailored to your physical capabilities. Tests can be planned in consultation.
  • Each training is clearly written out.
  • Every week there is a feedback moment (mail, telephone, whatsapp) about the past training block.

What we expect ?

  • An achievable challenge.
  • You can train at least 4 times a week.
  • You train with a heart rate monitor or power meter.
  • You log your training sessions in a training diary (Training Peaks).


Included in package

  • Account Training Peaks (basic).
  • Global annual plan.
  • Detailed training schedules
  • Weekly feedback moment

Not included in package

  • Testing
  • Strength and stabilization schedules: 25€/schedule

Guided training sessions: 60€/hour (+transport costs if >20km).


25€/ week of training